1. SquantoSunday is what happens when Patwhit01, energyman2289, and PTPiranha get drunk in a Skype call when playing Cards against Humanity.

The Origin Of SquantoEdit

One day, Sakurai laughed. He laughed so hard that his germs formed a Ridley, and he yelled the at the Ridley, "YOU MUST RECOVER!" but then the Ridley got butthurt and said "1v1 me No items Fox Only Final Destination." Sakurai laughed and then said "Have you ever made a game?" Ridley took a Mewtwo out from his pocket and started trying to shoot Sakurai. Sakurai dodged it with LAUGHING, but finally got shot in the chest. His body duplicated because i don't ing know and Squanto was born. Squanto used his 5 arms to take Sakurai action figures and throw them at the Ridley. Ridley died and blew up the end. Yeah if u agree.


Bunch of dumb s on GameFAQs keep spamming #ShulkSunday because they think Shulk will be revealed on Sunday because a Japanese flyer had a ? box on it. These delusional s think of Shulk, but really, Squanto will be revealed on Sunday with a trailer for an upcoming game, Kid Squanto: Downrising, which is an school-based RPG to be released in 2069.

The real story Edit

Ok, so energy, Pat and PT were all in a Skype call during a Cards Against Humanity game, and energy was pretending to be a failure of a troll and having a stupid pretend conversation between the troll, and an average user. went down like this:

Stupid Troll: Uh, Sakurai is my uncle, an-and he says Ridley isn't gonna' be in da game.

Average User: You're Sakurai's nephew? Then prove it! What's his middle name then?

Stupid Troll: U-Uhhh, Squanto!

Thus Squanto and #SquantoSunday was born.

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