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sterlingtyger is a member of GameFAQs who all but exclusively patronizes the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board. They are distinguished from other members in several ways, such as their raging hard-on for obscure Nintendo characters, retro Nintendo characters, and characters from Nintendo that, like Wii Fit Trainer, are modern and well known, but not exactly the first thing someone thinks about with regards to Smash. They proposed the concept of including the Manager from Style Savvy, and introduced the board to Satebou and Parabou.

If one could say that Sterling has a gimmick, it is their obsession over some of the less well known members of Nintendo's pantheon. In "Build a GameFAQs Roster" style threads, Sterling often proposed characters such as Sky Skipper, Satebou and Parabou, and Ayumi Tachibana.

They could also be considered a "Social Justice Warrior", although they tend to detest the actions and attitudes pervaded by many people who wear that title with pride. When an issue regarding ableism or ism, or most especially MOGII rights, is brought up, Sterlingtyger is often the one to point out why these things are problematic and why the language being used is toxic and offensive. As a transgendered person themselves, Sterling especially gets upset when characters like Birdo, Poison or Vivian are misgendered, or referred to with cruel slurs such as "Trap" or "Tranny". They are also quick to point out that there are more than 2 genders, and will not hesitate to correct you when you refer to them with incorrect pronouns.

sterlingtyger is an advocate for less intuitive Smash concepts, both because they personally find the "weirder side" of Nintendo more interesting, and because in 8 years of Roster Predictions, they have learned to think ahead of Sakurai. As such, while most people will laugh or scoff at the concept of including Cranky Kong, or Bubbles, they will see. They will all see!!

As of the release of SSB 3DS in Japan, Sterling has closed their account. They will return at such a point as Snake is announced as DLC or some other promotion, or a new Super Smash Bros. game is announced.

They are in raw, pionate, y hate with LordCarlisle.

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