Super Mario Land Daisy
Species Sarasasaian
Homeworld Irrelevancy
Series Super Mario Land
Affiliation Obscurity
Gender Female
Super Mario Land Daisy is Daisy from the iconic game Super Mario Land.

Ancient, but Not ForgottenEdit

SML Daisy

It's not that deep.

Hello Daisy!

Oh wait, you're a Sarasaland enemy in disguise!

Super Mario Land Daisy, also known as SML Daisy, is a unique lady that brought a third female to the table. Coming right after main ladies Pauline and Peach, Super Mario Land Daisy would soon be discarded in favour of Daisy.


Legend has it, after years of spray on tan, Super Mario Land Daisy gave the up and decided to pack her bags from the Mushroom Kingdom, which makes Pretty As Pale Ass Pink Princess Peach as vampirish as she appears.

Daisy took her bags to a new place where she could actually get a ing decent tan for once! She claimed a small territory of land in a random desert, and titled it as Sarasaland since she couldn't given two s and a what to call it.

Super Mario Land Daisy enjoys her tan under the scorching desert heat waves.

A Legacy BorneEdit

SML Daisy2

Super Mario Land Daisy playing Batter Up! In Mario Party 3

Super Mario Land Daisy would go on to join Mario and friends in Mario Party 3. Soon after, Nintendo realized their vital mistake and trashed her for a better version.


  • SML Daisy is black. She turns white like Michael Jackson in later iterations.
  • SML Daisy is the only Mario character revealed to be transcoloured. As such, she is a racial minority, giving SML Daisy precedence to become the next President.
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