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Shield your eyes!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the third game of the Super Smash Bros. series, and a greatly powerful Nintendo masterpiece that is full of flaws.

What's Wrong With It?[]

  • It's not extremely fast like Melee.
  • Princess Peach's voice is very high in a girlish way.
  • The stickers that show the Sonic characters in 2D are cringeworthy to look at.
  • You can't exploit glitches like Melee
  • Princess Peach appears in more games than Toad!
  • How the Stickerbush Symphony BGM sounds different from its original version from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest.
  • A lot of modern Sonic's aspects, especially his stereotypical "You're too slow" voice, his overly narrow appearance and his long, droopy quills.
  • How it completely revolutionised the Kid Icarus franchise!
  • It doesn't have playable Pichu, which Melee did
  • Some bad crossover interactions.
  • Fox isn't top Tier like in Melee
  • You can't get Project M anymore and if you can't turn it into Melee what's the point?
  • A lot of stickers with horrendous, stereotypical images.
  • Pokemon won't go away even though it's still pointless and generic.
  • Still haven't cut ing Jigglypuff that little no one likes you
  • You can make stages where you can never die so that's broken
  • It made Marth x Peach = Lucas a thing
  • Fox isn't ing top tier like in Melee
  • The roster consists of only four characters unlike Melee's six

It was actually going to be a Melee port[]

Yes it was. Iwata accidentally said there would be a smash game for the Wii without telling Sakurai.

Originally they decided it was going to be a Melee port to the Wii with Wi-Fi, but after Iwata spoke to Sakurai about the game a little more, Sakurai took the director position once more and basically said he will make this a new game and it will DEFINITELY BE HIS LAST ONE.