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A perfect representation of syla.
A perfect representation of syla.
Account Created Some Date
Karma Level -2: Banned
Current Status Active
Gender Female
Alts anti_sylawatch
Nicknames The Queen





You either love her or hate her. There is no in between with the queen.

You should love her though, unless you are a sorry basic. Or unless you are racist against ugly people


If you don't understand sylawatch's impact and legacy you need to log the off now .

This user had a fit of rage along with Kool-AidMaster on SmashFAQs in the legendary topic titled "Megaman isn't well known." It resulted in the bannings of Kool-AidMaster and the banning of Queen sylawatch.


She can be a real at times. (At times? No. Everyday until the sky is filled with barking pups? Yes.) She in a witch barrier that makes her think lies are truth. It is also worth noting that she has periods eight times a month. 


From what we know, Sylawatch gets a long with many users.


It seems since the day Shaneikua joined GameFAQs syla realized that this user was special. They share similar interests in hot guys, Beyonce, and Twitter stanning. They love getting the gurls they don't like riled up.


Bellagio and sylawatch are a gamefaqs couple and have gotten along forever and will get married some day. They share similar hate for Kool-AidMaster. They met on the Awakening boards.


In sylawatch's early days she would always make parady topics of Michaeloll's spam and try to campaign for herself over Daisy. They have since grown close.


Sylawatch and GoddessRosa1ina love to gossip about the board and users they don't like. They have been causing trouble on the board together for quite some time. And talked crap while syla was getting her 500's in the early days of the board.


Syla and NiB argue a lot and cause scenes. They actually like each other though. Or so we think.

Seb Ramoray[]

Sylawatch and Seb_Ramoray were always on good terms. After Seb's absence syla said she missed his posts. This got Seb very happy and he put syla on his signature. They use hearts for each other now.


Sylawatch and Neilicus love each other and Lady Gaga. They aren't afraid to show their love on GameFAQs.


These two started off as friends right from the start. They pretend to argue over Rosalina and her heels.


Sistren in crime quartet.


Sistren in crime quartet.


Sistren in crime quartet.


Sylawatch is known for her various enemies. She and Kool-AidMaster have never gotten along. She also got into it with DoctorRice and Bleck5 several times. She has also gotten into a few fights with Rayquaza487, Waluigi7, and SmallerRidley.

By The Queen(?)[]

Saved here for your viewing pleasure:

I will drag yo for filth and snatch that dirty weave off your head and leave you bald with a sylawatch stamp right on that scalped head just like I do to the ponies on Xbox One board.

—sylawatch to Kool-AidMaster

Aww, still ugly and pressed. Will it ever end?

You need to open a dictionary; and look up SOCIAL and LIFE and gain from there on you ugly backpack shaped b****. Stalking my Twitter that is the lowest of lows. I got a stalker from frigging GameFAQs of all places. And dissing my personal life and decisions.

Dirty sinner? You and these flop wannabe preacher remarks you give to everyone, as if it's cool even though i am a Christian too. You will continue to be an ugly fat Disney and League of Legend freak behind a computer. Truth is HURTFUL; isn't it?

Forgetting details to the restroom story? Sorry I'm not as GLUED onto your posts, like you are to me. We don't share that, and won't ever. And at the end of the day, whether I have details or not when you die your #1 memory will be GOING TO THE RESTROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION to the 5 people who know you. How does that TRUTH feel?

I didn't expect you to change your name you can't anyways, you didn't learn League of Legends and Disney should not be your life, your crush doesn't want you, and I don't want why would I expect you to stop giving yourself ugly usernames?

And Aaliyah death jokes? SCREAMING, because I'm Aaliyah? Okay, I know she's DEAD. Sorry, I'm not still on that wagon as you continue to be with your obsessions, League of Legends, and Disney.

Are you in Remedial Cles or something? Because you seem not to be developing properly AT ALL. It's just embarring, log out and get some sleep. Go to the Mall? Throw all the Disneyland shirts out your closet? Turn on the news and look at newer deaths?

Because until then, you still remain an ugly dried up gorilla ballsack, on the relevant scale of Mya and Ashanti. I'm just helping you, so you don't become the obsessed, League of Legend playing, Disney loving 50 YEAR OLD

And FYI: The discussion is ENDED; though like I said I don't expect you to move on. Hope you enjoy the read glued to your ugly forhead. Don't waste anymore hours waiting for this reply.

—syla's complete dragging of Kool-AidMaster