taoxadasa (often shortened to tao) is a user who's been on SmashFAQs for a good while now. He is known for having " opinions" and starting because of those " opinions". He is a heavy believer in Chrom > Robin, Pokemon Trainer returning (either as a summon character or the way he was in Brawl), the next Legend of Zelda rep being Ganon, the next Mario rep being Toad, Balloon Fighter and Excitebiker being playable and so on. He is also known for his obsession with waifus such as Selkie, Linkle, Lucina, Palutena, Anna, etc.

taoxadasa used to host CAH games on SmashFAQs using cards based on popular SmashFAQs users and phrases. He will be quick to comment his opinion on anything and everything and tends to shut down the other side.

He shows to be close friends with users ROB and -Link- due to a common theme of liking the character Lucina.

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