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ThatKipp joined GameFAQs for some reason a long time ago. He started posting on the SSB4 board shortly after the game was shown off at E3 2013. He is legendary as the greatest SSB4 roster creator on all of GameFAQs. His rosters vary, however, the common thread between them is that he always makes the bold (and brilliant) decision to cut all veterans.


ThatKipp has allegedly produced, written, directed, edited, acted in, and done everything else for a movie all about himself.  However, it is unknown whether this actually happened or if he's just being egotistical.


Promotional poster for ThatKipp's movie

Movie Reviews Edit

People have actually seen the movie and decided to review it.

Rotten Tomatoes - Very moving, loved the detail. 4/5

Some random hobo - It made me want to get a job. 8.5/10

Nostalgia Critic - This movie didn't make me want to yell at all. 6/10

JonTron - Spechsheips, Alriens. It was also easy to fap to. 9/10

A teen mom - It made me feel like my life isn't that hard. 9/10

Mikokiri - Much better acting than twilight, better plot than frozen and brave, but still not as good as red dog. 8/10

A baby from the orphanage - Gahdbshfb bfbakb EIH. 75/42

A 5-year-old boy that was kidnapped for 5 mins - Cars and Trucks! - 4/4

Revelation of GodhoodEdit

So in the end, ThatKipp turned out to be an omniscient god. His #1 character that he supported more than anyone else (even if it was jokingly) ended up being in the game. He also predicted that Mii Fighters would have a focus on custom moves and be unusable online with randoms. His favorite video game also got a playable character after losing it in Brawl. Basically he knew everything Sakurai would do because he's awesome and a god.

"Fun" FactsEdit

  • His favorite game of all time is Dr. Mario.
  • He strives to increase his skills at Dr. Mario so he can one day become a Dr. MariPro.
  • He started a movement to add Dr. Mario to fighting game tournaments across the country.
  • He doesn't want Dr. Mario to be playable in SSB4.
  • Never mind, he does want Dr. Mario to be playable in SSB4... as a masterpiece.
  • Wow, guess what, Dr. Mario really might be a playable character in SSB4. I hope he's a better representation of the game than he was in Melee.
  • Guess what, he isn't. This sucks.
  • The only character he ever seriously supported was Resetti, and even that was basically only in May 2013.

The Royal GalleryEdit

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