The Big Debacle was an argument between UnknownUber and a Gamefaqs moderator about King Dedede's supposedly homo ual agenda...

The Original PostEdit

Unknownuber responded to the topic "How would you react if King Dedede got a new Final Smash, and It's Grand Hammer?" with the response

Inb4 Big Dance
also Masked Dedede is way better
edit: Damn ninja'd

The edit was because someone already referenced the Big Dance in an earlier post but that user get off scott-free...

However this message was removed for apparently being offensive

The ArgumentEdit

UnknownUber found that at like 3:00 in the morning made a short badly organized response: This was not Offensive, the word was used to reference an internet meme and I did not use the word in the context of homo uality.

Moderator: The internet meme is in the context of homo uality; of course this is offensive and inappropriate to post here.

UnknownUber thought he worded the response wrong and decided to rationally respond:

Actually, no it's not if you watch the actual video Big dance was never expicitly seen as a homo ual derogative.
Nothing is homo ual about the meme and it just portrays portrays King Dedede dancing nothing gay was in it.
The only reason the word gay is in there is because he said it but nothing that appears homo ual or offensive happens.
Also a user before me made exactly the same reference and he goes off scot-free..

Then an Admin stepped in: If you see others breaking the rules, feel free to mark them. After looking up the 'Big Dance', I have to agree this joke is not appropriate for GameFAQs at all.

At this UnknownUber just stopped giving a and realized if he kept responding would only get worse if The Dong Wars were of any indication he'd be pretty ed for 90 days and he'd have to put with a lot of mod bullshit...

The Evil Agenda of The Big DanceEdit



So Offensive to Homo ual Penguins

The Big Dance is apparently very evil and it promotes the Well-being of Homo ual Penguins...
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