On [someone look up the date, i can't be bothered,] Sakuria accidentally made a vital mistake.

When Queen Sheniqua got raunchy from a lack of updates, she decided to take business and make happen. Flying her pretty pink princess butt all the way to Japan, Queen Sheniqua  stomped her basic to Sakuria's front door step, unleashing the millions of locust infused with lice onto Sakuria's guards. Nothing could stop her now, she was one button away from deleting Blue Peach Clone.

Standing at the front door step, Queen Sheniqua ungloved one hand, revealing the world's largest fingernail ever seen. All while in one single spot, Queen Sheniqua creaked open the door, went through Sakuria's panties, wallet, and finally fought with him arm to arm.

It was a tough battle, but ended with a loud clammer of noises, all signifying various outcomes, consisting of:

  • Yo!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo *silent*!
  • Some random Japanese insult/curse
  • Wario's fart
  • (Somewhere off in the world,) Oh, oh oh, harder!!
  • SNAP!!

Queen Sheniqua's long- fingernail saw an end to its days of glory (fingering). Little did Queen Sheniqua know, Sakuria was one fiesty opponent, not willing to let ratchets destroy his game.

  • Daisy in her Sports Outfit screamed in the distance
  • Queen Sheniqua's long- fingernail turned to stone.
  • Sakuria broke his arm.
  • Wario farted somewhere.
  • Someone had naughty time in preparation for the picture of the day
  • Sakuria accidentally clicked the wrong button.

Yes, Sakuria made one vital mistake in the outcome.. he had accidentally uploaded the wrong picture of the day, revealing the new Ice Climbers representative, Polar Bear. Quickly noticing his mistake, Sakuria banished Queen Sheniqua from his kingdom, followed by replacing the picture of the day with a random, unsuspecting normal, boring picture as if nothing ever happened...

Polar Bear Freezes You to Stone!Edit

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