Species Bald
Homeworld Aababazapabarakaparrapatherappa Mountains
Series Sithamparappilai Productions
Affiliation Meeya
Gender Male

Theevan is a bald kid who looks suspiciously similar to Caillou, and is a heavily requested character for Super Smash Bros 4.

Profile Edit

Theevan lives in some village that's never explained with his balding (Mother? Girlfriend?) with a green poncho named Meeya. One day, when Meeya had to leave to some place to get some thing, a dragon killed Meeya. Someone then told Theevan that, if he went to the Aanandhapuraadam Mountains (that's the actual name), he could bring Meeya back to life. So he fought a bunch of gremlins, danced, swam across an ocean with giant spinal cords, ate a watermelon and went to the mountain. There, he saw the dragon that killed Meeya. He looked into the dragon's eyes, said "Meeya?" and it fell to its death. A sad Theevan then went on top of the mountain, and saw a strange light. The light turned into Meeya, who teleported Theevan back home. There, Theevan saw Meeya, but then everything rewinded and he killed himself. The End.

Potential Moveset Edit

Theevan's regular attacks use his knife, while his smash attacks revolve around his torch, except for the up smash, which has him jump and wave like a maniac.

Neutral B: Bite: Theevan's head grows giant, and he bites anything in front of him. Kind of like Wario's neutral b, but multiple times and no grabbing.

Down B: Vase Drop: Theevan grabs a vase, and drops it. The pieces of the vase cause spike damage.

Up B: Slo-Mo Kick: Theevan kicks in a Matrix-esque way that propels him up, and hits anything in front or back of him.

Side B: That Weird Kung-Fu/Yoga Thing: Theevan moves his arms and legs around, potentailly dealing a combo.

Grab: Theevan swings the opponent like Mario's grab, and flings them around.


Down Taunt: Theevan eats a watermelon.

Up Taunt: Theevan waves his arms with excitement.

Side Taunt: Theevan makes a stupid face

Stage: The Marketplace

Final Smash: A giant Meeya appears on the screen, and starts running around the battlefield. Theevan gets on that bird thing and flies into Meeya, causing Meeya to explode.

Supporters Edit

Add yourself if you support Theevan's inclusion in Super Smash Bros 4.

  • Danan Thilakanathan/Thicklethacklethan
  • Sulojini Thilakanathan/Thicklethacklethan
  • HerbertMcGee
  • Hugh Mungus
  • That one homeless man that told the Theevan to go to the Abajjubbajabbajeba Mountains.

Gallery Edit


Theevan majestically crossing the ocean with a blue Onix in the background.



The arthouse masterpiece itself, Theevan.

Trivia Edit

  • Theevan is still more likely than Cloud Strife.
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