Registered On December 5, 2010
Karma Level 32: Legend
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts None

ThisAnvil is a user on the Smash boards.

Smash BoardsEdit

ThisAnvil is a serious user and tends to get into many arguemnts on the board. ThisAnvil prefers to use logic, but tends to ignore things when things go against him and his argument.

ThisAnvil can be seen in many topics discussing relevancy, popularity, and importance.

Undying Love for ChromEdit

ThisAnvil has a very complex relationship with the character Chrom, from the hit series, Fire Emblem. ThisAnvil is known to drop homoerrotic slurs toward's Chrom's character, quoted to say things such as " y " and "underserving". This secret relationship is further evidenced in a picture ThisAvil posted of a nude Chrom, which was quickly taken down.

ThisAnvil is very protective of his Chrom, and will attack any user who suggest that Chrom should be allowed into Smash. It is believed that he does not want to see his Chrom get hurt.


ThisAnvil is a serious hoe. Don't talk to him. But he likes Dixie Kong so it's all good


  • ThisAnvil's name is based on an Egyptian Mango.
  • ThisAnvil made an extremely accurate prediction that Awakening wouldn't get a rep.
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