Every video  game has their own logic. The only rule is: "It must never 100% follow Earth logic".

If someone sees something impossible happen in their game, they scream "Video Game Logic!", or, the more common phrase when playing a Nintendo game is "Nintendo Logic". The phrase is said when something happens in a game that is impossible in real life or when the game glitches out.

How Does This Apply to Smash Games? Edit

There are many examples of Video Game Logic in Smash games:

  • Pikachu's Size (Pikachu is usually small enough to fit on a shoulder, but he is bigger than that in Smash).
  • Toon Link was in the game before Lucas.
  • You can go flying off-screen without getting KO'd.
  • The fan item.
  • Peach can float by bending her knees.
  • Rosalina has the entire cosmos under her dress.
  • The flippers from Melee do not look like flippers.
  • You can fire rockets from a ship-shaped gun.
  • if you're high enough on the screen, you can star KO yourself by jumping. It'll look as if you were hit.
  • Ridley's Size.
  • Mewtwo being lighter than a Mr. Game and Watch
  • Corrin's mere existence in Smash Bros.
  • A Sony icon getting in before a Smash Veteran.
  • Mii costumes costing more than 5 cents.
    • Mii costumes nobody wanted instead of heavily requested character costumes.
  • Objects that can KO are not limited to the Master Sword.
  • Rosalina's U-air


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