Viewmaster pi
Account Created Monday, October 16, 2006
Current Status Sexually Active
Gender Big in' surprise, that's what.
Nicknames I get "piece of " a lot.

viewmaster_pi is the best user on GameFAQs. If you disagree, you can such that Trinidad, no homo.


A SmashFAQS user who is well known for derailing topics with his partner in crime: ChibiDialga. For this reason, many steamy conversations can been found lurking amongst all of the topics that are actually related to the game. The topic could be about nearly anything, so there's no way to prevent him from his dastardly flirting, and many a pious and innocent topic creator have desperately tried to veer their topic in the right direction, but all have failed.

When he's not on the Smash Board, he'll sometimes be on the Dig Dug for Commodore 64 board, creating topics and responding to long overdue questions from old topics. Recently he started calling this board the "Smash social board", however it has yet to catch on with the other users.


viewmaster_pi is a philandering playboy of sorts. His average replies / minute nearly quadruples whenever he is aware that he is talking to someone of the opposite . Incidentally, has a bit of a thing for ChibiDialga, but it unclear if he perceives her friendly demeanor and jokes as more than what they are. When replying, he'll usually state whatever he does, but he'll make it appear as innuendo at first glance, however upon looking at the spoilers, it was nothing too steamy after all (darn).


Regardless of the other users' opinions on viewmaster,_pi it's safe to say that he offers a good amount of variety and gives the lurkers of the board even more reason to just continue their lurking, oh and he offers some good entertainment to escape from the monotony of Ridley topics.



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  • viewmaster_pi is also referred to as Viewmaster.
  • He is part of ChibiDialga's Harem.
  • He is also literally a mother.
  • JorentyIII considers him his hero.
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