ViewtifulDog is ViewtifulGene's black Labrador known for her peaceable temperament in the face of controversial SSB4 news.


Warning: This Page Contains Spoilers

ViewtifulDog's first public appearance in the SSB community involved her reaction to Rosalina's confirmation. In earlier years, ViewtifulDog enjoyed wagged her tail whenever she saw Rosalina while watching ViewtifulGene play Super Mario Galaxy. When Rosalina was confirmed in SSB4, ViewtifulDog got so excited that she ran too fast outside and bumped her nose on a pole holding a bird feeder. ViewtifulGene wanted to avenge the honor of his dog and attack Sakurai, but ViewtifulDog calmed ViewtifulGene by brushing against his leg and licking his clenched fist. Thus began ViewtifulDog's legend as a pillar of peace within the SSB community.

ViewtifulDog rarely barks or agitates anyone. She rarely makes any noise besides a contented pant. Still, ViewtifulDog' voice of reason pierced through the vociferous outcry of Waluigi fans discovering his SSB4 ist trophy. After seeing Waluigi's ist trophy, ViewtifulDog sniffed and licked ViewtifulGene's tablet before looking at her owner and wagging her tail. ViewtifulDog reminds us that SSB4 can still be a satisfying game even if a character some people wanted isn't made playable.

(To be continued!)



A disguised ViewtifulDog looking completely innocent after being caught by Lord Sakurai.

ViewtifulDog successfully confirmed Yoshi's return to SSB4 before he was announced. When shown a Pic of the Day and asked to find Yoshi, she sniffed and licked ViewtifulGene's hands. This was interpreted as a sign that Yoshi's fate is in the player's hands, and that he would return if players wanted him to.

ViewtifulDog received a rawhide bone, a belly rub, and a long walk in honor of her keen insight.

ViewtifulDog is also known as the Great Undercover Dog / Generally Unpunishable Reconnaissance Labrador, or GUD GURL. She infiltrated Sakurai's base disguised as a different breed and tore up the plans to add Yingle and Pale Tuna. She was caught in the act, but due to looking completely innocent, she was let free by Lord Sakurai.

Preferred NewcomersEdit

ViewtifulDog's most wanted newcomer is her frisbee from the Tractor Supply store.

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