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Current Status Ready To Suck Some Mad Cock
Gender Male
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ViewtifulGene is the Falcon Pope of the Church of Captain Falcon who loves feet.

He also authored several unfinished fanfiction series which he frequently masturbates to, including Kill La Daisy and Fish of the North Star. He also hosted the Hades Kitchen role play. His ViewtifulDog is also a fan of the Smash Bros. franchise.


ViewtifulGene is named after Clover game characters Viewtiful Joe and Gene from God Hand.

Gene's HistoryEdit

A troll to some, and a brilliant satirist to others, Gene is one of the longest standing users on this board, and one of the few original users to still be on it. He's known for rarely making serious topics, instead choosing to poke fun at others, or to make topics worshipping his lord and savior, Captain Falcon.

In the days or yore, before eternity began, ViewtifulGene was but an aspect of the greater being known only as The Falcon. He sucked from The Falcon's golden teat, and slowly grew stronger and more manly, to the point where he had earned The Falcon's respect. Looking at him with his inifinite awesome, The Falcon came to love Gene, and blessed him with a life in the new universe he was about to create, to be a priest of his Avatar, Captain Falcon, F-Zero pilot and general fiend extrodinere. The Falcon then placed a Falcon Punch in both of his fists, and let them collide. Thus, the universe was born. Years later, Gene was born as a seemingly innocent babe, not fully knowing his desitny. So instead of getting out there and spreading the word of Captain Falcon, he instead pokes fun at people on the Smash board.

ViewtifulGene HatersEdit

A lot of people dislike ViewtifulGene. No one gives a about them though.

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