Wonder Red
Species Human
Homeworld Earth, Year 2XXX
Series The Wonderful 101
Affiliation CENTINELS
Wonderful 100
Gender Male

Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Bang Little Bang Sunrise Starlight Infinite Fabulous Totally Final Wonderful Arrow...Fire!

—Wonder Red

Nintendo's #1 bravest hero Wonder-Red is the main character of an extremely underrated game by Platinum Games, the creators of This and Metal Gear May Cry, The Wonderful 101.

Why He Is So CoolEdit

At only 25 years old, Will Wedgewood is just an ordinary kindergarten teacher. Or so it may seem! Assisted by his Wonder-Pendant, he can transform into the super-powered bad Wonder-Red in only three-billionths of a second, about the same amount of time it takes to start a flame war in the Smash Bros. tournament community.

With record scores in the entrance exam (100% on written, 98% on tactical), Red was chosen to lead the human resistance in Earth Defense War III against an enemy known as "The GEATHJERK Federation" despite having only a few weeks' experience. Not only did he completely annihilate them with the help of his comrades, he managed to help them overcome their team conflicts and work as one unit made of 100 suited bades. Also, he is most likely ing his previous archenemy's sister.

His and the rest of his teams' special ability is the Unite Morph, which allows up to 100 of the Wonderful 100's members to form giant weapons. Wonder-Red's Unite Morph is the Unite Hand, which is essentially a mive Falcon Punch (only without the cool falcon made of fire, but the fire is present). He can also use his Unite Hand to grab things, turn things, and throw fireballs.

He has great moveset potential, is relevant and has a medium-sized fanbase. Sadly, Sakurai dumped him for his precious yaoi fanfic waifu.

The Brutal DeconfirmationEdit

On the morning of Wednesday, May 7, 2014, Sakurai posted the Pic of the Day.

It said "Wonder Red is a mere trophy. In your face fans! *laughs*". Or something like that.


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