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WonkyKong is a Gamefaqs user who is undeniably convinced that there is no way Chunky Kong is an ist trophy. He is of course referring to the many reports of Chunky Kong being an ist trophy which tends to make people burst into laughter. However, it is quite the opposite for WonkyKong as he is met with utter rage when Chunky Kong is even mentioned.


WonkyKong enjoys reviving old topics from days ago to support his point.

WonkyKong is also Japanese, and thinks that he's hot because of it, as seen when he claimed that he, due to being Japanese, knows which characters could be DLC. Most of these characters (including, Ridley, Chrom, and Isabelle) are not gonna happen.


Some theories have been speculated that WonkyKong is actually either another Kong who is getting no attention or a completely new Kong never heard of. Both of which are enraged that Chunky would get in over them.

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