The Ghost of Nemesis
250px-Hae Ryong Custom
Account Created Unknown
Karma Level Endless do not accrue Karma.
Current Status Lurking
Gender Male
Nicknames Yakumo Yomi
Yomigaeru is a lurker on the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board. He is one of the Endless, and his origins predate the Great Circuiting, The Quickening of the Granoids, and Yami no Juunin Taisen.

Smash BoardsEdit

An active lurker, Yomi often makes nonsensical and asinine posts in order to entertain from his fellow board members. But being as he is an active lurker, he more often remains in the background. As the self-appointed Official Deviant, he does considers nothing beneath matter how vile or perverse.


Ever apathetic, Yomi doesn't take offense to attacks on his person. One would be wise not to take anything he says to heart, because he is but a simple fool. He'll often try to garner good will from others through humor, but it often falls flat. He lacks the skill to be considered a troll, and is at best a slight distraction. He can have brief periods of mental acuity, but this is tempered with the madness he often displays. It is yet unclear if he has actual intelligence, or just insanity-infused moments of brilliance.


(The following are tenuous at best, mainly because the other person fails to acknowledge him)


Yomi harbors a great respect for her, attempting to address her with the appropriate title at all times (he has yet to discover if "Your Majesty", "Mistress", or "Ojousama" are sufficient). Whether this respect is due to a few screws loose or a genuine affection is anyone's guess, however. Not seeing her around has driven him even further into incoherency, as she was often a joy to be around.


He hold a fondness for Ghasts, making a point to enter every topic he creates.


Is fond of them, though it is unknown if the two have ever engaged in conversation. Yomi misses syla, and awaits their return.


Yomi misses him, as they got along fairly well.


  • Whether or not he is an actual Endless is the subject of endless debate.
  • His name is the Japanese term for "revive from the dead".
  • He has a working knowledge of the Japanese language, being barely proficient enough to p the lowest level of the competency exam.
  • He is fond of the Gensokyo residents (in particular: Yukari, Ran, Yuyuko, Yuugi, Yuuka, and Patchouli).
  • Also goes by the name "Yakumo Yomi", and acts as the doorman of the Monhan Cafe.
  • It is unknown whether he originated in this universe, or if he is an extradimensional eldritch abomination.
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