Young Link
WiiU HyruleWarriors MajorasMaskDLC ChildLink 01-850x850
Species Hylian
Homeworld Hyrule/Termina
Series The Legend of Zelda
Affiliation Childhood
Not Skull Kid
Producer of salt/anger
Mask collector
Gender Lil' boy that don't need pants


—Young Link

Young Link is the second Link of Smash Bros., preceding Toon Link. What makes him different from Toon Link? He has flaming arrows. Flaming. Arrows. He's also the only character cut from Melee who was directly replaced as Roy, Mewtwo, Ike, and Lucario were meant to coexist (and all do now), and Dr. Mario and Pichu weren't replaced.

On January 14, 2015, Young Link was confirmed to return as DLC!

WiiU HyruleWarriors MajorasMaskDLC ChildLink 02-850x850

Did the sword grow or did he just shrink? Hyrule Warriors.

People hate his inclusion almost as much as Tingle because he's just another Link, Fierce Deity Link is only a temporary transformation, he got in over Skull Kid, Majora's Mask wasn't his debut game (never mind that it he had his most prominent role in that game, no, that would be ridiculous), and he was one of the least requested characters with a chance of making it in. 
Stage Ridley

Come to think of it, Skull Kid was commonly requested and predicted. Instead, we got a character that not a lot of people wanted, and Skull Kid is an attack. Sound familiar?
But wait, it gets even creepier! Chrom finally got his chance in Project X Zone 2, right? Well, Skull Kid finally got his chance in Hyrule Warriors Legends!

Role in the Zelda UniverseEdit

Young Link is the fourth most recurring Link, under Toon Link, Classic Link, and Link. However, Ocarina of Time is seen as one of the greatest games ever (whether it actually is another story), so Young Link is the second most recognizable Link, under Link. 

Should He Come Back?Edit

If you don't mind having three Links that all play similarly, and he doesn't get in the way of anyone else, Young Link would make a good candidate for another Zelda character.

Currently, Young Link requesters are a dying race. A user who goes by Euroliis seems to be the only active one, but the Smashfaqs ballot results beg to differ. It is unknown if any other specimens are alive.


  • Was cut because Toon Link is superior in every way
  • philes like the term Young better than Toon and are the only ones that care he was replaced. Or Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask fans. Or people who don't like The Wind Waker. Or just people who prefer Young Link in general.
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